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Time-Oriented Management

The World Is Changing Rapidly

Is Your Business Adapting?

Today, successful businesses are like water: fluid, dynamic, changing form to suit the container but powerful enough to erode rocks. They optimize situations - the right response at the right time with the right people. Most important, though, is the fact that they respond and don't react to changes in the world around them.

We can help your company adapt, respond and exploit the world around you.

VKS Associates is a boutique management consulting company providing training, consulting and business coaching services in maximizing the value often locked and lost in the gap between goals and results, between expectation and realization, between plans and outcomes, and between strategy and implementation. We have developed unique processes and techniques to unlock this potential and help companies reach greater heights.

Our approach focuses on Thinking Things Through.

Even the process of thinking can be an innovation…

Our Approach

When is Thinking Bad?

When it comes in the way of actions and results!

"How can you think and swing at the same time?" - Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra

Unfortunately, many people do think while carrying out their actions. They interfere with themselves, distract themselves!

The Issue

The first myth that needs to be destroyed is the belief that thinking is "natural", that it "happens" without the ability to control it.

The second, and related, myth is the belief that thinking is an innate facility that cannot be taught or improved.

These two myths cause people to let their minds wander without direction while they engage in their usual activities. The result: Disastrous!

The Answer

Thought can be controlled! Thinking can be taught!

I have spent almost 30 years exploring, researching into and expanding my horizons in the realms of thought. I can now claim, quite justifiably, that I have learnt to think, to control my mind to some extent, and to be able to teach thinking. In addition, I have developed processes that can be used to improve productivity and effectiveness merely by separating thought and action.

Time-Oriented Management

Some situations demand action. When the building is on fire, the fire chief does not call a committee meeting. Instead, the whole fire department galvanizes into action, each individual with definite duties, responsibilities and initial plan of action. On the other hand, one does not set out on a new marketing campaign without sitting down to brainstorm, come up with a concept, work out details, plan, and only then act.

Likewise, when there is a fire, the fire fighters race up in their fire trucks with sirens blaring, use fire axes to break in doors and windows, and use every technique in their power to quickly save lives and contain the fire. The same techniques or tools cannot be used when there is no fire emergency present.

Time, or, to be more accurate, urgency determines the techniques (or processes) and tools (or resources) selected. Every activity is directly or indirectly measured in terms of time: cost per unit time, return on investment per unit time, internal rate of return (per unit time), time value of money, … the list goes on. Therefore, there is a need for management techniques oriented along time which is a critical resource, a constraint and a basis for measurements. Time-Oriented Management offers such techniques and processes, including Time-Oriented Communications, Time-Oriented Problem Solving, Time-Oriented Team Building, Time-Oriented Processes and Time-Oriented Project Management

Our Founder


Prakash Rao
President and Chief Thought Provoker

Prakash thinks. Prakash thinks differently. The way that he thinks makes a difference. To us and to you.

Prakash has had a very interesting education. Born to an educator and researcher in learning techniques, he was quite a willing guinea pig. This helped him to get a healthy exposure to the thoughts of the likes of John Dewey, Benjamin Bloom, J. Krishnamurthy, Edward deBono and Tony Buzan by the time he was twelve years of age! The early exposure to some of the greatest thinkers in the field of thought taught him to apply his mental faculties effectively, efficiently and elegantly. The result: The innovative tips, tricks, techniques, tactics and processes we have to offer.

Prakash has a Master's degree in Computer Engineering (focus on Artificial Intelligence) from Boston University, and an MBA in Finance from the prestigious Stern School of Business at NYU. He worked in the finance, telecom and technology industries for nearly 18 years before founding VKS Associates, LLC in 2004.

The rest, as they say, is history.